Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anonymous in Hollywood

My name you ask? Just call me Daisy Duke, ha ha. There is no way I'm telling you my name, I like being mysterious like that. Besided, names are just labels.

I am the woman men love to be seen with, the woman men would leave their wife for, the woman men spend their money on and the woman most ladies hate. Never will they admit that they want to "be" me and since that's not possible, since there is only one of me, they secretly crave to be my friend.

I live in the Hollywood hills and every day when I look out of the window overlooking Los Angeles, I feel like I own the city. There is nothing like it. I live with "Jewels" my Persian cat. She's the real princess and parades around the palace without a care in the world. She's perfectly groomed to the point where you'd think she's human.

How did I get so rich you ask? I married two "loser" millionaires without a pre-nup. "Losers" not because they were stupid, but because they were too blind to see that I was only in it for the money. I sacrificed 5 years of my young life being married and now I am a free agent. I don't mind referring to myself as a Rich Bitch because all the people on the outside looking in, think that anyways. They just don't have the guts to say it. Besides, it's true, I am rich and can be a bitch when I need to.

People see my perfectly styled hair that changed color so many times I forgot what my real color is. (Right now it's a dark brunette color, I love how it makes my green eyes stand out.) People see my mani-pedi, my enhanced boobies, my all year round tan, my designer clothes and jewelry and label me a Rich Bitch. Pulling out my Black visa card always confirms their thoughts. I don't care. I'd rather be a known as the Rich Bitch any day then the poor slut.

So what if I drive a Maybach and have a Bentley Convertible in the drive way, so what if I consider "shopping" and looking fabulous my job, so what if I am skinny and tall, so what if your husband looks at me when I walk by... Just admit it, as much as you are trying to convince yourself that you hate me, you really want to be me. (If you see my shoe collection, I know you'd want to be me).

In Hollywood when you have money, you are considered royalty regardless of how you got it. The biggest porn producers and drug dealers are worshiped. If you have money Hollywood will love you.

I live a very adventurous lifestyle in Hollywood and I'm allowing you to come "backstage" and see what's really going on. I will post frequently to inform you of the people I meet (of course all rich and many famous), the things I buy (quality guaranteed) and what's really going on in the life of a Rich Bitch. (Stop pretending you don't care, you know you do....)

Diamonds & Dollars,

Rich Bitch in Hollywood

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