Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Rich Bitch guide to Hollywood

This blog wouldn't be complete without some information for all you rich bitch wanna-be's. I'll be adding information about how to live like a rich bitch even if you're not. Following you will find information on where to shop when in Hollywood. If you want to be a "somebody" you have to know where to shop, so put on your Jimmy Choo's and come with me.

Robertson Boulevard: This tree lined stretch of shops is a shopaholics' dream come true. Shop among the rich and famous and find the hottest fashion that every fashionista needs to have.
- Kitson: Find everything a style conscious modern girl could ask for. Everyone from Paris Hilton to Britney Spears shops here. You can too! I do!
- Lisa Kline: This favorite of Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore has causal and sexy outfits for the Hollywood girl next door.
- Curve: Find the best of unknown designers here. It will make you stand out in a crowd. (I prefer the well known designers myself though).
- Ghost: Their sheer, gorgeous clothes are part art, part couture and all style. Different & unique. (Weird at times)
- The Ivy: While on Robertson Boulevard, stop by "The Ivy" restaurant. A guaranteed celebrity and paparazzi hangout. If you are just a Rich Bitch wanna be, this might be a pricey affair for you. But if you want to splurge for once, go for it. Foods great, scenery is better. Celebrity sightings guaranteed! (Note: make sure you look the part, don't look like a nobody. Walk the walk & talk the talk).

Rodeo Drive: Many think this pricey shopper's mecca is where all the rich and famous shop. This is partially true. Rodeo Drive is more a tourist attraction than anything else. People from all over the world come here in the hopes to find their favorite movie stars. So not cool. Celebrities like Prince, Britney and Madonna will usually have their assistants pick up the items of their liking. If they do decide to pick the items up themselves, they are in and out quickly. The unknown celebrity wife is more known the shop on Rodeo. You go girl!
- Bijan: Rodeo Drive is home to the world's most expensive store Bijan where the average shopper spends about $100,000 on men's clothing. You need an appointment to shop here.
- Harry Winston: The Jeweller to the Stars since 1943 is also on Rodeo Drive. Best known for lending around $200 million worth in jewelery to the stars at Oscar time. Some of my best pieces came from HW. (Don't enter the store if you cannot afford it. Try not to stare into the window. You'll make a fool of yourself and will look like a tourist. So not cool).
Armani, Tiffany, Gucci, Dior, Chanel: Find them all on Rodeo. Keep in mind, if you can't buy it, don't try it!

Melrose Avenue: This funky, modern shopping strip is probably best for all you Rich Bitch wanna be's who can't afford the real thing. You'll find some good bargains here and might run into some of your favorite celebrities if you can find them. They tend dress casual and just blend in with the crowd. I've noticed a lot of has-beens on Melrose lately. What's up with that. Won't be back until it changes.
- Fred Segal: Probably the most popular celebrity hang out/store. I think this store is much overrated and hangs on to the fact that celebrities visit it. Quite overpriced too, and I am far from stingy. Been there, done that!
- There's too many stores on Melrose. Most are all the same. Look for yourself. I'll be on Robertsons.

Sunset Boulevard: Probably the shopping street best known for people watching. Beautiful people watching that is. This is where you see drivers flaunting their expensive cars driving 10 mph. Sure I can mention stores like Madison's and Anna Sui, but what's the use. People don't go here to shop. They go here to sit on the patios of the numerous restaurants and people-watch. If you are rich this is where you go to be seen. If you look good, this is where you go to be seen. If you are both, you probably are there right now.

As for this Rich Bitch: My favorite shopping paradise is still Robertson Boulevard. My favorite restaurant is the Polo Launch at the Beverly Hills Hotel (Their caesar salad is divine!). Kitson is my hang out, but Harry Winston is home! (Ofcourse I make sure to go everywhere in style. Only a chauffeured tinted out Bentley or executive sedan works for me. Limo's are so 80's).
Hope you are enjoying the ride so far. More to come soon.


  1. Maybe you can show me around hollywood when I move out to California...that's if you don't mind being seen with a poor dude lol Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. I must say I love reading your blog, and as I understand you just started writing it :) Well.. I like how you are straight forward and speaking your mind!

    Have never been to Hollywood, it sounds crazy.. :)

    Keep up your blog, and I'll be sure to visit !
    I also followed u!

    Much love,


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