Sunday, September 13, 2009

A girl's best friend!

Hi wanna be's. I'm back! I've been so busy this past week I had no time to blog.

This past weekend I went to the BEST Holmby Hills party. For those of you that don't have a clue....Holmby Hills is where the rich (and often famous) live (and play). Houses start from over a few millions to $150 million. My ex hubby owned a house there which was pretty useless considering we never used the house. (Anything to play those taxes right...). Not that he cared. He owned houses in 5 other countries so.... This was good for me after the divorce so I'm not going to nag about it.

The best thing about having money is never being on a budget. I surely noticed this at the party also. Some of these older-wanting-to-be-young ladies just don't know how to dress. If you are going to spend several thousands on a dress, make sure it looks right. Nobody wants to see old-lady-cellulite right. Some of these women (whose name I won't mention) should take their money and get a top stylist.
Not everyone was a fashion-don't though. There were plenty of fashion-do's.

Which brings me to Fashion week. I'm hopping on a private jet tonight to go to NY Fashion week. I cannot believe I missed two days already. I haven't missed my faves though. Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Anna Sui, Narciso Rodriguez and Badgley Mischka all have shows lined up. My favorite designer ever though is Gianni Versace (RIP). He knew women better than women knew themselves. Marc Jacobs and Gucci are not far behind.

Other than clothes, shoes and handbags are a girl's best friend. Not just any shoes and handbags. They have to be by a top designer:
1) Jimmie Choo
2) Christian Louboutin
3) Manolo Blahnik

As for handbags, the top 3 are:
1) Chloe
2) Balenciaga
3) Louis Vuitton

I always get the handbags that are not for sale to wanna be's. I get them before they hit the stores. Being a Rich Bitch has it's advantages. Now that I have the money to buy them, I get them shipped to me for free. I guess it's the designer's way of advertising. So not fair to all you wanna be's, but sooooo sweet for me.

I'm keeping this one short for now. I have to make sure the right stuff gets packed for Fashion week. As you know (or not) Fashion week is not just about watching the models, it's also about being seen. Can't wait to see which celeb is going to make a fool of her/him self this time.

To all male wanna be's out there...I've gotten some requests to talk about the male fashion necessities and plan on blogging obout that in future posts. I'm not anti-male, I just like mine rich and rich. Ha ha. Blog y'all later!

Diamonds & Dollars!

Rich Bitch in Hollywood (on the way to NY)

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